2013/06 - Meet Meat

"Meet Meat" - Graduation film at Les Gobelins in CRFA 2013
With Juliaon Roels, David Martins Da Silva, Eve Guastella et Mael Jaouen

During pre-production, I did a lot of writing, storyboarding and tried some character designs.

As an animator, I did several shots.
The first pan of the beginning where the sailor gets dragged by the monster (water Fx animation, character animation, coloring). I also did the shots within the boat where the sailor adds charcoal at two different times of the movie and the shot where the whale gets into the air and "jumps" through the clouds and gets separated from the boat just before it explodes.
I modeled and rigged the boat too. 

We mainly worked on TV Paint, After effects.
We had like 5-6 months to make it.